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To all....

The 2017/18 season starts Sunday, September 17th, and play will be third Sunday of each month.

Location: The club house at Parkway Village 2015 24th street in Fairhaven. See the map below

Time: Doors open at 5:00 pm; match play begins at 5:30.

Cost: $15.00. Ten dollars goes towards toward the participant’s entry in the Bellingham Backgammon Association Championships to be held the first Sunday in June.

Calendar: Match play will be held on the third Sunday of each month through May for a total of nine events.

Format: Modified Swiss--winners play winners, losers play losers through four rounds.

Scoring: Matches are 7 points, 50 minutes. Winners and byes receive two points, losers, one point. Points are accrued towards seeding in the championships.

The nightly winner will receive an extra point towards the championships seeding.

The year end tournament will be held Sunday June 12th.

The Round Robin will commence in November. Entries (including fees) need to be in at the October 3rd Sunday tournament. This year there will be a second division with a $25 entry. The intention is that the second division will be a lower pressure contest. All players are welcome to compete.


We feel that for the average player this is the best possible investment for your backgammon dollar. Most clubs play some form of double elimination wherein, if you loose two matches, you are done. In this format you are always guaranteed four so you get plenty of play. Secondly, in double elimination, prize money is generally distributed through the first two to four players—everyone else leaves empty. In this format, regardless of outcome, your money goes towards year end participation in the championship event. You don’t have to come up with more money to participate in a high-end format. Our goal is to help people improve and thereby enjoy the game more. While no system is perfect we feel that this format gives everyone an opportunity for plenty of play over the course of the season.

Check the tournament stategy and regulations link for rules and format of the Sunday tournaments. If you have any questions regarding these please phone Mike at 360-319-2591 or Russ at 255-1014.

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2017-03-11 15:59:12  MIKE CAIN
Topic:  Playing for fun...
Yes, many of us play casually in various ways--chouette, head-to-head, league and lucre. Stop by on a third Sunday night and we'll fill you in. Be prepared to play, just for fun, so you can meet a few of the gammonoids.

2017-02-22 22:10:38  Zack
Topic:  Play for Fun?
Does this group get together to just play or is it always tournament play? Excuse me if I missed the info on the website. Thanks

2016-10-17 09:05:27  Anonymous
Topic:  "Character"
"One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards." --Oscar Wilde,1895

2016-10-17 09:00:16  Anonymous
Topic:  "Luck"
"The laws of probability, so true in general, so fallacious in particular." --Edward Gibbon, c. 1794

2015-09-10 10:59:41  Anonymous
Topic:  2015
Are there any plans for a 2015-16 schedule? When and where will we find out?

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